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Cinema Craft® Encoder SP3 is the premiere software MPEG1 and MPEG2 encoder selected by Hollywood studios for DVD. The CCE Xtream (CCX) engine is unmatched in quality and speed. Includes standalone application only. Windows Vista/7.

Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 (CCE-SP3) is an MPEG1 and MPEG2 software encoder that enables you to create the highest level of picture quality at high speed. There is a growing need for higher picture quality in the DVD production industry.

With support for multi-core systems, CCE-SP3 can do multi-pass encoding faster than real-time! The choice of Hollywood studios, CCE-SP3 includes the Cinema Craft Xtream (CCX) encode engine, highly rated by compressionists worldwide and used to create many Hollywood and commercial DVD titles.

Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 is a standalone MPEG encoder application with batch encoding capability. It does not include a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro.

CCE-SP3 is not available as a download and has no testdrive. It is boxed with a CDROM and has a USB dongle.


Software - Version 1.3

MPEG2 System ITU-T Rec.H222.0, ISO/IEC13818-1 (PS only)
Video ITU-T Rec.H262, ISO/IEC13818-2 (MP@ML only)
MPEG1 System ISO/IEC11172-1
Video ISO/IEC11172-2
Audio ISO/IEC11172-3 (Layer II only)
Input format AVI 1.0 (Including reference file)/2.0/OpenDML
Note: third-party codec is required
QuickTime QuickTime (mov)
Note: QuickTime 7 is required
DV DV (dif)
Note: third-party codec is required
FrameServer AVS (AviSynth script)
Note: AviSynth is required for AVS input
Sequential images BMP/TGA/TIFF/PNG/JPEG
Output file MPEG2 PS (CBR only)/Video ES
MPEG1 SS (CBR only)/Video ES
SVCD 1.0
VCD 2.0
Frame size Input Unlimited
Output Up to 720x576
Frame rate Input Unlimited
Output 23.976 ... 30fps
Encoding mode CBR Single pass/Multi pass
VBR Single pass/Multi pass
Bit rate Up to 15Mbps
Virtual Multi-Pass Encoding ™ Performs multiple quantization passes (2-8 passes) during each encoding pass
Advanced Adaptive Quantize Matrix ™ Automatically optimizes for the best quantize matrix
Advanced Adaptive GOP Structure ™ Automatically optimizes for the best GOP structure for each GOP
I-frame insertion Automatically inserts an I-frame at the scene change
Change a frame you specify to an I-frame
Bit allocation in VBR Ability to see bitrate fluctuations or quantization scale on the graph
and optimize the structure of each GOP
Segment Re-Encoding Re-encodes only the segment you specify
Pre-filtering Multi-function filters are available including Noise Reduction and Non-linear/Linear
Inverse 3:2 pulldown Highly accurate 3:2 pulldown detection
DVD player bug avoidance Against some hidden violations within particular DVD players
(no warranty for interoperability)
Batch encoding Batch encode all of the entries in a list
Input format PCM Uncompressed WAV/AIFF
Output file PCM Uncompressed WAV/AIFF
MPEG1 Audio Audio ES (Layer II only)
Sampling frequency 48,000/44,100/32,000 Hz
Quantization bitrate 16-bit
Bitrate MPEG1 Audio Up to 384 Kbps


System Requirements

CPU Intel/AMD processor (SSE2 required)
  • Intel Xeon processor series
  • Intel Core processor series
  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor series
  • Intel Pentium D processor series
  • Intel Pentium M processor series
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor series
  • Intel Pentium Celeron processor series (with SSE2)
  • Intel Atom processor series
  • AMD Opteron processor series
  • AMD Athlon processor series (with SSE2)
  • AMD Sempron processor series (with SSE2)
Memory 2GB of RAM minimum
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
(runs as 32-bit application on x64)
Other Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5