Archimedia Player

Archimedia consists of industry veterans launching a multi-format player software aimed at UHD and 4K. We can loan you UHD / 4K content, test patterns, and a software player to run on your Windows HDMI machine. 4K SDI up to 60 fps available.

Complete Reference Player for 4K and UHD Formats:

  • DCP
  • IMF
  • DPX
  • TIFK
  • JPEG2000 and more

Archimedia Workstations are configured for you — complete, tested, pre-built with Archimedia 4K Master Player, 4K HDMI, fast random access storage, smooth audio FFW/REW/Slow, precision audio meters, mutes, routing, and all the CPU power you need to play your master files on all kinds of displays. Use for quality control, precision playback on sets and in screening rooms, system tests, and peace of mind. It’s also a great platform to serve up the optional Archimedia 4K Advanced Test Suite.