Ittiam Systems is a global technology company with deep R&D driven solutions for media creation, management and consumption, providing advanced media codecs, software development platforms, systems and workflows for embedded and online applications. Its solutions are at the heart of tens of millions of lifestyle products that drive mobility, content access, networking and sharing.

Professional HDMV and JAVA solutions for authoring UHD and Blu-ray discs. Utilizing proprietary technology, KITE Java allows you to create interactive menus with minimal concern regarding properties of Titles, Movie objects, Playlist, etc. or extreme knowledge of JAVA.

Cinema Craft encoders are the choice of Hollywood and professional studios worldwide for DVD, Blu-ray and MVC encoding. It is deployed in our stand-alone HEVC (CC-Ultra), AVC (CC-HDe) and MVC (CC-3De) encoding applications, enabling multi-instance realtime H.264 rendering functions for dailies and DI artists.

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Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for the post-production industry. Like precious jewels, every released product has been deeply thought through, developed and manufactured with special care, for the full satisfaction of the customer. It is shaped through the ideas and vision of its designers and engineers who are united by a common goal and a common spirit: to build the excellence.