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We are pleased to announce the release KITe v2.8!

Additionally, we have slashed prices on several of our authoring products significantly by -33%: KITe UHD Authoring Suite, Blu-Disc Studio UHD (plus Pro), and EasyBD UHD.

And that's not all the good news: Enhance your authoring resources by adding the most cutting-edge toolsets available for quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively produce 2D plus UHD-HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision titles, with a 1-year subscription of KITe-Multi!
This option authorizes the use of KITe v2.8 during the license period and can either be renewed, upgraded or terminated, at the end of each subcription period, depending on your needs and the existing market situation. KITe-Multi features are detailed at this link-


  • BD Wizard, added to the Options window
  • Interactive menu validation
  • Subtitles stream validation and mux (big pictures mux, blank pictures validation)
  • BDCMF Unit: Visualization of file layout on disc - added
  • BDCMF Unit: Special method for "Seamless" connection at Layer Break - added


  • Import Scenarist Projects: error in MovieObject order
  • Min_display_luminance HEVC HDR field calculation


  • Warning: "HDR10+ detection error: first GOP does not contain HDR10+ fields"
  • Warning: "Palette referred by the palette_id_ref does not exist"
  • Warning: "Structure of IES segment is not correct. Palettes are not found"
  • Warning: "Subpicture image is blank"
  • Multi-angle Mux mode: added flag "Is Seamless Angle" to the PlayItem


KITe Java changes:

  • Autoclose time/action replaced with Inactivity and added to the main menu
  • "Action every second" added to the main menu
  • The part of the Java engine responsible for disc events has been completely rewritten
  • Dolby Vision playlist fix
  • Project type verification
  • Added ability to specify menu/movie color in the Project tree
  • Project properties → Menu → "Play Movie / Jump Menu commands": added "Switch immediately" - to switch audio track immediately
  • Project properties → Streams: added "Do not switch audio if already selected"
  • Zoom in the designer now zooms to the mouse pointer position
  • Ctrl + mouse wheel scrolls designer up/down, Shift + mouse wheel scrolls designer left/right
  • Subtitles generation engine SRT → PNG have been re-written
  • Added the ability to disable automatic restoration of default actions for interactive mode
  • stopMovie added
  • Text state edit window: added button for render text to image
  • Project load optimized (30 faster)
  • Added "Global text" flag to the text object state edit window
  • PlayStation 3 memory limit warning added
  • Project properties → Advanced → Optimize commands added
  • Project properties → Advanced → Pack internal names added
  • Project properties → Menu → Animation: now you can disable "Reset clipping"
  • Import animated buttons from Scenarist PS Designer PSD file
  • Added ability to move viewport
  • Added Project properties → Advanced → Optimize objects
  • Unused animations in scenes menu generator removed
  • Added "I:" prefix for the menu in the PSD import - will skip the specified menu
  • Added "STOP:" prefix for the menu in the PSD import of the extended BDS format - will stop the import
  • PSD import (KITe format): layers with identical names now added as linked objects for button states
  • PSD import: added support for opacity effect (imported as opacity effect)
  • Subtitles generator: added support for SD video
  • Bugfixes